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Mayfair 'Veteran car'

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Sketch of the MayfairThe Mayfair is a cute little car with details like opening bonnet, boot and step through doors; it is quick and easy to construct and the body can be cut out and assembled in around 20 hours. Add any detailing you fancy before painting prior to final assembly. This is a super project for the winter evenings. Children from two to seven will love the model car which has all the features that you could expect from a real one, including lights, foot brake, hand brake, forward, reverse and toot toot bulb horn.

Body Construction: The sturdy body is of monocoque construction, cut from 12mm (½") thick panels in Birch plywood or MR (moisture resistant) MDF using our unique paper cutting patterns. No chassis required; the axles and other parts simply bolt directly under the wooden floor.

Motive Power: Power is provided by a powerful motor. It runs on a 12v battery at a speed of around 4 mph depending on the size of the load. Final drive is by chain to one rear wheel. Forward and reverse are selected electrically via a three-position switch on the dashboard.

Transmission Options:

  • Basic is Direct Drive, 12v straight to the motor.
  • Step Start control ramps up to full speed in three to four seconds; for very young children.
  • Full speed control operated through a linear potentiometer for a real throttle response. It is possible to attach a hard wired remote control to control speed and direction to this system

Assembly instructions / Fabricated Parts: The assembly instructions are easy to follow; each stage is explained in plain English and illustrated with simple drawings. The main parts can be either made in your workshop from the simple working drawings supplied or purchased from our comprehensive price list.
Curved Sections -The front bonnet sides are formed from aluminium the radiator surround from brass. The bonnet can be supplied ready rolled the surround in a ready cut strip.

Wheels: The wheels supplied are quality pneumatic tyres on 12 inch dia. steel chromed rims running on 10mm bearings. The drive wheel has a sprocket attached.

Battery: A small 12v car battery can be utilised but if buying new buy a fully sealed Safety GEL battery circa: 33-35Ah is safer.

Duration: Two to four hours continuous play value. This will vary according to load carried, terrain encountered and battery size measured in ampere-hours. My grandchildren play all day in our flat garden on one charge. We get three and a half hours when we give rides in the school playground.

Measurements: Length: 51" (1300mm)
Width: 23" (580mm)
Height windscreen top: 31" (790mm).

Weight: Basic kit 30kg. Basic car, no battery: approx. 50 kg. 35Ah safety battery 11.5kg