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Early front panel drawing


Early front panel drawing

Landrover style tailgate hinges


Landrover style tailgate hinges drawing

What about these for different colour schemes?

Toylander painted in a zebra sceme Toylander in Tiger stripes copy Toylander painted in a pink sceme

Another customer idea: Door handles and fuel cap

The door handles and fuel cap designed and drawn by Thierry from Luxembourg are available as a free download on a PDF.

Fuel cap Door handle
Door handles and fuel cap drawing pdf download Door handle drawing pdf download Door handles cut out drawing pdf download

Body modifications

Here are some different styles or additions developed by customers. The two Land Rover Defender styles are based on our Toylander 2 design and the Toylander 1 pre Pink Panther model was built by Classic Military magazine.

Toylander SAS Defender model D Liddell Defender model by C Campbell