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Toylander 2 .. Based on the Land Rover® series 2: 1958

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Sketch of the Toylander 2TOYLANDERS are a straightforward build and can be assembled in around 60 hours, 40 if using the ready made body, prior to painting and detailing of course. Children from 3 through Adult [85 at last count] enjoy the features of a real car in miniature including forward, reverse, foot and hand brake, lights, horn; folding screen and opening tailgate. Both are identical in weight, size and performance. The difference is only cosmetic but large enough for an adult and two five year olds.

Motive Power: Power is provided by one or two powerful 12 volt electric motors. The cars will run on one motor and a 12v battery at a speed of around 4 mph depending on the size of the load and the terrain. Final drive is by chain to one rear wheel if one motor is fitted or both wheels if two motors are fitted. Forward or reverse is selected via a switch.

Transmission Options:

The Speed Control operates through a linear potentiometer for a real throttle response from crawl to top speed. As supplied in the kit. This level of control allows you to teach proper reversing of a small trailer.
Fit an extra motor & battery, wire in series, drive both rear wheels and get a 'diff effect. Also ideal for paddock use (All turn key toys are supplied with two motors and speed control) Recommended.
Remote control by hard wire. For / Rev and speed control from box in hand; sit inside or walk behind.

Front Axle: an improvement on the basic axle, a swing axle helps the wheels to maintain ground contact.

Increased Speed: Speed control set up, 24 volts and two motors achieve a top speed of 6 KPH, even with an adult on board. This is the legal maximum in public. i.e. pavement, car show or steam gala and the local park. Public liability insurance is required by most show organisers and a good idea too.

Body Construction: The rugged body is of monocoque construction; cut from 12mm (1/2") thick panels in Birch Ply, MR (moisture resistant) MDF using our paper patterns and plans. No chassis required; axles and other fabricated parts simply bolt directly under the wooden floor.

Fabricated Parts: The steel parts can be either made in your workshop from the simple workshop drawings shown in the Binder set supplied. If you want them made we can supply from our stock list.

Assembly instructions: The assembly instructions are easy to follow; each stage is explained in plain English and illustrated with simple drawings, pictures and sketches. Telephone or email support available if required.

Wheels: The wheels supplied are road quality pneumatic tyres on 3.50 x 8 inch dia. steel rims running on roller bearings. Total tyre diameter is approx. 15" (380mm) for Standard tyres. The drive wheel is supplied with an extended hub, extra bearing and drive sprocket welded on. Wheel rims have smooth rolled return edge to comply with toy safety and use the flat of the rim for the braking surface.

Battery: a sealed Safety GEL battery is best for the ultimate performance. The alternative is an 85amp/Hour leisure battery. A 12v car battery is OK but if buying new or using electronic controls the GEL is safest.

Curved Sections: The extreme forward ends of the front wings are formed from small curved aluminium sections. The bonnet is also formed from another piece of aluminium. Both can be supplied if required.

Duration: Continuous play value in stationary form; up to four hours driving time; all day in flat garden. This varies according to load carried, terrain encountered and battery size measured in ampere-hours. Twin motor set up is around 7 hrs or more according to the load and terrain.

Wheelbase: 38" [965mm] Turning circle: 5400mm [212¾"] with swing axle - T/C tyres
L: 64" (1625 mm)
W: 29"(740 mm)
H: Folded screen/ steering wheel ht 29½" [750mm] Standard tyres
Wt: Basic kit inc. packaging: 38kg. [83lbs] Ready Cut panel set: 41kgs [90lbs]
Basic car, without battery: 75 kg. [165lbs] Twin motor model, without battery: 85 kg. [187lbs] GEL battery 33AmpHr:10.5kg.
Total with all extras inc T/C tyres and batteries 105 kilos.
Body only weight: 31 kilos