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Tractor DBR

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Image of a boy on a tractor DBRThe DB TRACTOR is a straightforward build. Children from 3 through Adult [85 at last count] all enjoy the working features i.e. swing front axle, forward and reverse gear, foot brake, hand brake, lights, horn and tow bar. All designs meet the required Toy Safety Standards.

Assembly instructions: provide guidance for a quick and easy build; the basic structure can be put together in around 40 hours using the ready made bonnet and grille, prior to painting and adding the detail. The assembly instructions are easy to follow; each stage is simply explained and well illustrated with line drawings and photos.

Body Construction: The strong body is of monocoque construction; cut from 12mm (1/2") thick panels in Birch Ply or MR (moisture resistant) MDF using our plans and patterns. The home made bonnet and front panel are constructed from 1.5mm ply stretched over 12mm formers with solid block used for nose and grille base but for those who want to save time Glass Fibre units are available from stock ready for preparing and painting.

Fabricated Parts: The steel parts can either be made in your workshop from the simple working drawings shown in the 'Build Manual' supplied or you can buy them off the shelf from our list including the Front Swing Axle - This is just like the real thing and helps the driving wheels to maintain good ground contact. Axles and other fabricated parts bolt directly onto the wooden structure.

Wheels: The wheels supplied are just like the real thing with real agricultural tyres and tubes on steel rims with 1" roller bearings in the hubs. Wheel rims have a flat for the brakes and a smooth rolled return edge to comply with toy safety.

Motive Power: Power is provided by one or two powerful 12 volt 180 watt air-cooled, continuous rated, reversible, permanent magnet DC motors, driving through a 25:1 ratio gearbox. The Tractor will run on one motor and a 12v battery at a speed of around 4 MPH and faster using two motors and two batteries, depending on the size of the load and the terrain. Final drive is by chain to one rear wheel if one motor is fitted or both with two motors fitted. Forward or reverse is selected via a three-position switch. We do not do a petrol option as petrol power in a public place requires a driving licence holder to drive.

Battery: The best is a powerful fully sealed 33 to 35 AHr safety battery weighing 11.5 kilos which gives the same power and performance as the physically larger Caravan battery which weighs, on average 20 kilos. Make sure your charger is suitable for these batteries. A good 12v, car battery can be used but only if you happen to have one.

Transmission Options:

  • Direct Drive: 12v straight to the motor - basic
  • Soft start: ramps speed up to full over three second period. For younger children only.
  • Speed control: operated through a linear potentiometer for a real throttle response up to top speed. Ideal for reversing manoeuvres .

Increased Speed: Fitting an extra motor and battery, wired in series, driving both rear wheels and you get a proper 'diff effect. Ideal for gentle 'off road' use. This modification increases speed to near proposed legal limit 6kph even with an adult on board, but still gives plenty of torque and remains legal in a public place, with insurance.

Duration: Single motor model: children play all day in our garden; Up to four hours giving rides at Fetes etc., on one charge. This will vary according to load carried, terrain encountered and battery size. It has a continuous play value just stood still! Twin motor models: At a recent Billing show a customer took their model off charge, his four children set off around the show in the Toylander car. Seven hours later they returned with plenty of charge left.

Parts and accessories: For those who need a quicker build all parts are available from our stores either individually or as blocks, even whole kits. We also supply batteries and a charger that refuels the tractor overnight; provides a maintenance output allowing the tractor to be left plugged in until the next use without loss of power or battery performance.

Measurements: ( approximate; depending on careful cutting )
Length: 55 1/2" ( 1410mm) Width: 27 1/2"( 700mm ) Height 28 3/8" ( 720mm )
Weight: Basic model without battery: 50 kg. Deluxe, twin motor model, without battery: 55 kg.