Basic Kit and panel set Toylander 3

The ultimate kids’ electric car, our Toylander 3 is a miniature replica of the original 1972 Series 3 Land Rover®.

Choose our basic kit along with pre-cut body panels for an easier build project. Alongside the basic kit, you’ll receive CNC pre-cut moisture-resistant MDF body panels, reducing the construction time of your Toylander 3 to around 60 hours. Please see below to supplement your kit or upgrade your parts.  Kit now includes circuit board and plug & play lights, horn, dash switches and wiring.


Kit and panel set includes manual, steel fabrication set, Town & Country tyres, drive kit (single motor and battery), speed control kit, bodywork, additional components (circuit board, lights, electric horn, wheel caps, dash and dashboard stickers), softwood batten, screws, glue, conduit, motor vent hole grilles and CNC cut moisture resistant MDF panel set. Please note basic kit does not include spare wheel, see parts and extras.

Optional upgrades and time saving extras.
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