As we emerge from lockdown, many of us have struggled to keep our children entertained without the support of schools and breakfast clubs. Why not use this prolonged summer as an opportunity to introduce them to something fulfilling? Toy-cars! Toylander has provided kids with an exciting solution to COVID-19 boredom! I am referring to Electric vehicles, all shapes, and sizes that will provide hours of enjoyment, safely…

Why Choose Toylander?

In a surprisingly competitive market, these high spec models are head and shoulders above other ride-oncars. Your child will be oozing class with their very own ride-on car, which exhibits many of the external features of their real-life counterparts. The Mini Defender replica is just one example of how Toylander has been able to give a child-sized motor vehicle all the finesse and quality of a real car. Therefore, it can be guaranteed that these well-crafted toys will last a lifetime!

From parent to a mechanic

Ever wondered what it is like to build a car? Turn your child into your own little apprentice and get involved with the construction process! Toylander provides an enjoyable and educational environment for you and your child to bond over building electric cars. Whether it be the Basic Home Kit or the Comprehensive Build package, you can help teach your child vital practical skills. In this way, Toylander provides more than just a toy vehicle to your family, but rather an experience and hobby. These lasting memories will help create a positive environment for your children, in an otherwise uncertain time.

A sense of community

If you fancy broadening your social group and becoming part of a family of car lovers, then invest! Owning one of these vehicles will give you a direct pathway to a club of likewise individuals, who can share in their children’s enjoyment! Parent and child, grandparent and child; anyone can join this club and ride together. So, don’t waste any more time and swap the kid’s TV channels for something worthwhile.

Get Involved now!

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