It's hard not to worry about our kids, there are so many things that can go wrong when we expose them to new things, but at the same time, you can’t keep them from experiencing new things. At Toylander, we do everything we can to ensure all our products are as safe as possible.

Standard features

Our Toylander vehicles have standard features, including mirrors, headlights and indicators. These basic features can improve the safety of your child’s experience while using a Toylander. Seeing what is around them can help your child stay safe and watch out for any incoming problems.

Bonnet Lock

All kits are supplied with a bonnet lock to prevent tiny fingers from getting under the bonnet and around the batteries and electrics. All ready-built vehicles have the bonnet lock fitted. Installation is described in the manuals.

Safe & Easy Battery charger connection

The battery chargers we supply come with an easy connector that allows safe and easy charging of the batteries. This leads to the battery terminals and can be passed through the bulkhead into the footwell to connect to the charger.

We also have safety cut-out switches available—our safety isolator switch with a removable key.

We have a safe non-spill gel battery, 33 amp hr, 12v. Please recharge the battery after every use. We also have a battery safety hold-down kit. It includes straps and rails.