For an industry that has developed rapidly over the last decade, are ride-on cars what are children need? YES.
Studies have shown that there is an abundance of benefits to electric toy cars, both physically and mentally. So, why not invest in the future of child development today and see them thrive!

It’s important to note that finding the right car for the age demographic of your child is extremely important. Toylander provides a range of electric cars that are safe and suitable for all ages. The accuracy of these replicas has revolutionised the world of toy cars and it has become an opportunity for kids to learn!


Spatial intelligence

Putting the child in the driver’s seat in a safe environment enables children to explore directions, distance, and movement in a whole new way. Through using the pedals and the steering wheel, kids are able to navigate their way around. What a skill to have!

Promotes Social development

Why not invite your friends over? Electric ride-on cars, take the meaning of play date to a whole new level! Using these toys as an opportunity for children to create relationships and interact is very exciting. Where previously, pedal cars had one seat for a singular child, Electric ride on cars from Toylander can accommodate three people.

Improves motor skills

Basic motor-skills like hand-eye coordination and reaction speeds are greatly improved by driving! Toylander replicas are so similar to real cars that the effects are the same. Therefore, these cars give you a head start on physical aspects of everyday life.

Helps build confidence

Kids might come across as fearless but maintaining that is the real challenge! These exquisite vehicles are terrific at giving children an opportunity to try something new and teaches them how to overcome the worries of crashing. The construction process also promotes independence in children and could give them a life-long hobby. Indeed, it is proven that having an interest in something encourages self-confidence. So, why not let your child give it go?

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