When kids are young, they are eager to learn new things. Smartphones and tablets can teach them how to play online games, but using a kids’ electric car can help them learn more complicated things.

Getting started

Before allowing them to use their electric car, make sure you first talk to them about some general things. Explain to your kids that, although it is a toy car, they still need to be safe when playing. Explain to them that they must stay safe while using their Toylander. Teach your kid about the pedals and how to use the steering wheel. You will also have to go through the user’s manual, but you can do that before giving your kid their new toy.

Keep things simple

With all the excitement the new toy will bring, their attention span will probably become even shorter. So as much as you’ll be trying to educate your kid on how to use the new toy properly, make sure you keep things simple and stay patient. You can expect everything you say to come through one ear and right out the other, which means you’ll probably need to repeat yourself several times, and that’s okay. Allow your kid to try out their new car toy and get a feel for it before you take them out to drive. Before you begin the training, it is important to keep your cool and stay calm; remember, they will not pick up on what you are saying too quickly, so bear with them while they listen and learn from you.

Choose a location to teach them.

The ideal place for your kid to begin learning how to drive the ride-on toy is spacious and safe for them to move around and explore without hitting anything. Open ground is ideal, like in your back garden on a flat run surface. If your child is shy, don’t have too many people around watching. When taking them for their first ride, choose a location big enough so they can move around and explore freely. Your area should be entirely traffic-free, so your child is not exposed to real danger. Your garden or the local park may be perfect, so explore your options.

Direct them

They may do most of the work while driving the toy car so they will appreciate your simple directions. Tell them what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Keep it short and simple, as they will understand it better.

Motivate them

Encourage and motivate your kid along the way. If they are making mistakes, cheer them on. Always be a participant in your new adventure. Once you have the basics covered, this will help your child learn how to manoeuvre the car effectively and in the right direction.

Progress to full-on driving faster

Preparing for any driving test starts with preparation. This head start will make your child a safer, more responsible driver. Once your child knows how to, this will enable them to obtain their full driving license quicker than they think. Plenty of driving practice is a quick and effective way for kids to learn how to drive.

Fewer accidents in the future

The more experience your kid has with driving, the better driver they will be. Once they learn how to drive correctly and in the right way, they will not pick up on any bad habits. When it is their turn to get behind the wheel, they will have some valuable tips to become a confident and safe driver in the future.