As countless studies have demonstrated, the unimpeachable truth of the matter is that creativity at an early age is imperative for a child’s development. Whether it’s the National Foundation for Educational Research, the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute or the NHS, the overwhelming consensus is that the best way to nurture your children’s potential into the future is by encouraging them to engage in activities which challenge them and fosters creative thinking.

Creative research

Doctor Sergio Pellis and Professor Vivian Pellis concluded a study in 2009 that demonstrated how play with objects positively impacts the development of a child’s brain, especially if the activity is conducted with others to enable group learning. This is complemented by further evidence that showed children deprived of these opportunities for play and creative activity displayed lower levels of social competence.

From construction to play

Toylander cars encourage parents to get involved with their children in play but also creation. The majority of our cars, such as our mini land rover, are purchased as kits. While the end result of our children’s land rover is obviously to encourage their capacity as electric ride on cars, the journey these toy cars for kids takes begins with their construction.

Although some of our products are available prebuilt, we strongly encourage our customers to treat these kids electric cars as projects that the children can set their minds to. Our packs include everything needed to take part in this project, which usually takes around 4-6 weeks to complete, though times can vary depending on the complexity of the product bought. Construction manuals included are easy to read and provide detailed step-by-step instructions that have been extensively trial-tested and positively reviewed.

Unlimited benefits

The developmental prospects for our kids land rover kits are not limited to the creativity it takes to construct them. Encouraging children to enjoy our kids ride on cars improves spatial reasoning and reaction times in a similar manner to sports or other such activities. Obviously, this comes with the safety checks every mini defender land rover goes through, though it is important to note this is dependent on customers correctly following their construction processes.

To find out how to buy one of our toy land rover kits or learn more about our ride on cars for kids, feel free to get in touch today. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing your child’s development in action as they construct their very own mini defender land rover.