It can be hard to spend quality time together as a family in these modern times. It can be especially hard to find an activity everyone can do that is also unique, educational and nourishing.

Toylander has the solution! Building a kids' electric car offers the perfect mix of fun and learning that your child will look back on fondly.

Help your child learn a new skill

Toylander’s toy cars for kids are quality, handmade vehicles, and while they can be purchased as completed models, many people purchase their child’s ride-on cars as kits.

These ride-on electric cars can take hours to build, giving your son or daughter the chance to develop their fine motor skills, while also understanding the satisfaction that comes from crafting something by hand. Your young one will also learn the value of teamwork, working alongside you as you build a quality product.

Spend quality time together

By embarking on this project with your child, you’ll be spending quality time together, making memories sure to last a lifetime. Building one of Toylander’s ride-on cars is the perfect excuse to get your child or grandchild out of the house and into the garage to tinker away, something especially important with the rise of digital technology, which, while fun, are often solo activities.

In the years to come they’ll look back on your time spent together and think “I loved spending that time together building my Mini Land Rover!”

Share a passion for motoring

If you have a passion for cars that you would love to share with the young members of your family, then building an electric ride-on car is the perfect opportunity. Toylander offers several iconic vehicles from the Mini Defender Land Rover to the Toylander 3, based on the MB43 Willys Army Jeep®. Purchasing one of our toy cars for kids gives you a chance to indulge in your own hobby and helps you introduce your child to something you’re passionate about.

Through building a ride-on car, your loved one will learn to appreciate motoring history, sharing your passion for cars with them, while also bringing you together as a family.

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