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Electric Cars for Children

  1. Our new set of Toylander Circuit board, lightning and wiring kits

    At Toylander, we have a brand new set of circuit boards, lighting and wiring kits. The circuit board The circuit board is an essential part of the kit. The circuit board is the car’s core, connecting movement, lights and the horn to the controls. The lights and switches only work with the circuit board. The board also has connections for...
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  2. The best ride on kids cars on the market

    Today, there are many electric toy car brands on the market. Thanks to advances in battery technology and general demand, the industry is booming. But who actually makes the best kids cars? That’s a very different question. While there are dozens of brands to choose from, only a handful make quality products. Toylander’s approach to kids cars The problem is...
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  3. Why invest in a Toylander?

    Are you wondering whether to invest in a Toylander? If so, you’re in luck. In this post, we delve into what makes these miniature vehicles so special and why they’re absolutely worth the money. They’re a faithful tribute to the original Land Rover Finding original Land Rovers in good condition is a challenge. They’re just so rare. Fortunately, your kids...
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  4. Electric ride on cars - Fad or Future?

    Electric ride on cars - Fad or Future?

    For an industry that has developed rapidly over the last decade, are ride-on cars what are children need? YES. Studies have shown that there is an abundance of benefits to electric toy cars, both physically and mentally. So, why not invest in the future of child development today and see them thrive! It’s important to note that finding the right...
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  5. Treat yourself to the TL3

    Treat yourself to the TL3

    Wowee! Get your engines started and go for a trip down memory lane with the new Toylander 3 mini Land Rover. First-time buyer or Toylander veteran? This new electric ride on car will excite any child and car enthusiast! As a replica of the 1972 Series 3 Land Rover, it is as much a collectable as it is a high-end...
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  6. Toylander rover, a huge success

    Toylander rover, a huge success

    Rover crazy! Toylander has released three different types of Land Rover toy cars to quench the thirst of its customers. But why are these cars so popular? Toylander has managed to tap into a niche market in which vintage cars are revived in the forms of replicas for children. However, the make of these cars has no great significance to...
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  7. Amid a national pandemic, insert some fun into your household

    Amid a national pandemic, insert some fun into your household

    As we emerge from lockdown, many of us have struggled to keep our children entertained without the support of schools and breakfast clubs. Why not use this prolonged summer as an opportunity to introduce them to something fulfilling? Toy-cars! Toylander has provided kids with an exciting solution to COVID-19 boredom! I am referring to Electric vehicles, all shapes, and sizes...
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  8. 3 ways a toy car is perfect for your kids this Summer!

    This summer, entertain your kids while developing their fine motor skills with a car for kids to drive! With the global pandemic in full flow, most of the world in some form of lockdown and summer on the way, why not gift your child with something they will cherish for years? A mini Land Rover! Summertime is all about families...
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  9. Need to get your kids out and about? Try toy cars for kids

    Need to get your kids out and about? Try toy cars for kids

    Our electric ride-on cars for kids to drive are a great way to get your child back outdoors again - experiencing real-life adventure with no smartphone required. Are your children stuck at home gazing into a virtual world? With children spending an increasing amount of time inside, many parents are wondering how to reduce screen-time for their kids. Our range...
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  10. Keep home-learning fun: Building, maintenance and driving the kit car with your child

    Keep home-learning fun: Building, maintenance and driving the kit car with your child

    Inspire your child by building them a Toylander electric ride on car Nevermore have kit cars been in such high demand. For the parent at home with their child during this tricky time, kids ride on cars serve more than one useful purpose. Sure, a mini Land Rover may allow you to spend time bonding with your child, but it...
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