Today, there are many electric toy car brands on the market. Thanks to advances in battery technology and general demand, the industry is booming.

But who actually makes the best kids cars? That’s a very different question. While there are dozens of brands to choose from, only a handful make quality products.

Toylander’s approach to kids cars

The problem is this: most electric toy cars are toys first and cars second. As a result, they inherit many of the deficiencies of the former without really capitalising on the latter.

At Toylander, we take the opposite approach. We start with the idea that a toy Landrover should be a car first and then bring the fun element into it afterwards.

It’s this approach that allows us to create such exceptional and celebrated vehicles. Unlike the vast majority of toy car makers, we pay extreme attention to detail, ensuring that all of our products faithfully reflect the originals. Little touches, like our genuine pneumatic tyres and fold-down front windows, replicate the look and feel of real Land Rovers.

Kids appreciate this approach. That’s because they get something that feels real. All of the hardware is bespoke and a genuine replica of the original. When you step inside a Toylander, it feels like you’re getting into a fully-fledged Land Rover that somebody shot with a shrink gun – it’s that convincing.

Then there’s the build quality. Replicating an early Land Rover’s style is all well and good. But those vehicles were famous for their ruggedness and ability to take on practically any terrain. Some people still run vehicles from the 1960s and 1970s today, more than half a century later.

Toylander incorporates this legendary build quality into its designs. These aren’t toys that are going to fall apart after a few uses. They are something that you can keep in your family for many years.

We will leave it to you to judge who offers the best ride on kids' cars on the market. However, once you experience the quality of Toylander for yourself, you’ll quickly make up your mind.

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