The UK has a proud motoring heritage, from Rolls Royce through to Morris, Mini and more, we are lucky enough to enjoy a wealth of beautiful vehicles which show the evolution of the car from the early days right the way into modern times. Part of what we do here at Toylander is to pay tribute to landmark vehicles by using them as the basis for our kids ride on cars. The design for each car is carefully chosen from a range of possibilities. We aim to create toy cars for kids which showcase some of the most iconic UK designs. They may not be the fastest, but they are certainly some of the best remembered and most loved. Two ride on cars of which we are particularly proud is the Massey Fergusson 135 and the mini Defender Land Rover.

Massey Fergusson 135 kids electric cars

A common site in fields and country roads across the UK in the 1960s, the Massey Fergusson 135 was part of a new wave of MF tractors, the 100 range. This was an extremely popular model, highly durable and versatile, it was particularly favoured because of its strong, basic construction and the ease with which it could be repaired. Even today, MF 135s are sought after, particularly in countries where access to skilled mechanics is difficult.

The mini Land Rover ride on cars for kids

Another absolute classic, our mini Land Rover is styled on the original 1948 Series 1 Land Rover. Designed for off-road use, the Land Rover featured two- or four-wheeled drive. With its iconic shape and formidable reputation for longevity, it's little wonder that the Series 1 Land Rover forms the basis for our toy Land Rover. One of our most popular electric ride on cars, the children's Land Rover retains the same shape and basic features as the original!

All our toy cars are made to an exceptionally high standard and with a high degree of attention to detail. Our aim is to reproduce the original shape and styling of iconic vehicles as kids electric cars. Choose from buying a toy Land Rover that's pre-built, or opt for one of our customisable kits in order to build one yourself.