Are you wondering whether to invest in a Toylander? If so, you’re in luck. In this post, we delve into what makes these miniature vehicles so special and why they’re absolutely worth the money.

They’re a faithful tribute to the original Land Rover

Finding original Land Rovers in good condition is a challenge. They’re just so rare.

Fortunately, your kids can relive the magic with the Toylander 1, a faithful replica of the original vehicle. This ultimate children’s electric car comes with a host of realistic-looking features, including true-to-life lights, handbrake, folding windscreen and horn.

They offer superior quality

Finding high-quality kids’ electric vehicles is sometimes challenging. Manufacturers often take shortcuts. However, with the Toylander range, that’s not a concern. These vehicles embody incredible attention to detail and long-lasting performance.

The monocoque body is made to withstand the rigours of child’s play. And each of the components, including the pedals and tyres, closely resemble those of the real thing. In fact, the build quality is virtually identical.

They give kids an enjoyable experience and gets them wanting to explore outdoors

Children often find regular toys disappointing. They never seem to work as well as the real thing. There’s no comparison, for instance, between a toy tool kit, and a real toolbox from a hardware store.

However, that’s where Toylander is different. It’s not just another cheap imitation of an original vehicle. Instead, it embodies many of the design choices and materials used in first-generation Land Rovers. For this reason, it feels like more than just a toy car. It’s almost like a miniature version of a conventional vehicle, sized for kids.

As a result, children experience the thrill of real play. The vehicle is safe enough for them to drive, but also offers enough realism to make the experience rewarding.

You can build them from scratch

For those of you who like challenging projects, you can build your Toylander from scratch. This way, you can choose which parts you include.

All self-build Toylanders come with a comprehensive build manual. This helpful booklet gives you all the instructions you need for constructing your Toylander from scratch. Toylander stocks all the parts that you need to create the ultimate kids’ driving machine.

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