As a grandparent, finding the perfect gift can be difficult.

Your 'sensible side' says that they don't need plastic rubbish. You know from past experience that cheap plastic toys bring instant smiles, but quickly get cast aside.

Your sensible side also tells you that, as their grandparent, you should be contributing something meaningful. Perhaps putting money into their savings account, so that they can use it when they reach adulthood?

Your 'less sensible' side doesn't want to just contribute to their savings. You know that children don't appreciate money in the bank, the same as they appreciate a gift to unwrap.

And so, you're left buying disposable toys because you love to see your grandchildren smiling.

What makes a Toylander the perfect gift, when nothing else feels just right?

A Toylander's truly meaningful

This isn't just a toy. This is a toy that you can build with your grandchild. They'll see the effort that you put in, and they'll get quality time with you as they watch the process from start to finish.

You're giving something far more than an object. You're giving your grandchild valuable time that they'll look back on fondly for the rest of their life. Memories that they'll share with their own grandchildren, decades from now. They'll be able to say with confidence that their grandparent always had time for them.

- A Toylander's made to last

This high-quality gift will stand the test of time. A Toylander lasts for many years, never becoming boring. Whilst cheap plastic toys and playsets will soon be cast aside, the Toylander is not a disposable plaything by any stretch of the imagination.

- A Toylander can be shared

Don't worry that you'll need a different vehicle for each grandchild.

A mini Land Rover can include space for multiple children at once. This is a gift that you can give to all of your grandchildren, encouraging them to play together. Not only are you giving them the gift of time with a grandparent - you're also providing them with lifelong memories of happy days playing with their siblings.

- A Toylander is a gift for all seasons

Toylander electric ride on cars are more sturdy than shop-bought alternatives. Give one as a Christmas gift, and your grandkids can ride it through the mud.

These off-road vehicles don't need to be saved for perfectly sunny summer days. They're gifts that can be enjoyed in absolutely any season.

To find out more about giving a Toylander as a gift, why not send us an enquiry?