It is often difficult to think of an activity which can involve the entire family, from grandparents, aunties and uncles and the children themselves. With a wealth of digital-focused toys and games designed for children only, this often leaves families missing out on a group experience that everyone can enjoy and bond over. This is why electric ride on cars are the ideal gift to get everyone involved.

Bond through construction

You’ve heard it many times before: grandparents complaining about how “children get everything handed to them these days”. Give your child’s grandparents the perfect excuse to get involved by building a ride on electric car with their grandchild. You’ll soon wonder how they used to fill their spare time by the number of hours spent in the garage, piecing each part together to build a toy that everyone will love. The time spent will create memories for years to come while also teaching valuable lessons about work and reward. Your child will not take a toy for granted again as they learn to appreciate the work that goes into creating a quality ride on car.

Fun for all the family

Although the majority of kids ride on cars can only be ridden by children under the age of 10, newer designs do also enable adults to ride, so if you wish to get directly involved, choose a design that is both adult and child-friendly! Aside from this, you are bound to enjoy recording and taking photos of your child on their new toy and the all-important construction process enables everyone to get involved. Adults who are particular fans of a specific car model can also choose a car to match their preferences, such as the mini Land Rover, where the mini Defender Land Rover is a particularly popular option.

Not just for fashion

While many toys come and go, your new ride-on car will be enjoyed for many years and with each generation is the opportunity to carry on the tradition of building Toylander ride-on cars.

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