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Build manual - Mayfair

Build Manual for Mayfair:

Our original children’s kit car, kids will fall for the Mayfair’s cute styling and fun features.

Rolling back the years to the golden age of motoring, this smart one-seater suits children aged two to seven, and adults seeking a friendly build project. Compact but perfectly formed, the Toylander Mayfair offers period-correct quirks and highly realistic features, including opening bonnet, boot, step-through doors, forward/reverse gears, speed control up to 5mph/8kph, foot brake, hand brake, lights, pneumatic tyres and a traditional ‘toot-toot’ bulb horn.

If you like a challenging project and prefer complete control over choosing your parts, you can buy our comprehensive build manual. It has all the information you’ll need to build your Toylander from scratch, including full cutting details and dimensions for body panels and component parts. If you’d like to buy your parts from us, we stock everything you need to complete your build.  

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