TL90 basic kit

Toylander 90 basic kit - based on the 1984 Land Rover ® Ninety.

Chose our basic kit option and you've got everything to construct your own Toylander 90 - 

excluding wood for body panels and paint - add the pre-cut panel set if you want to receive all the body panels pre-cut.

Kit includes build manual, all steel work, steering wheel, bonnet, wheels, motor & battery, wiring, circuit board and plug and play switches, lights and horn. Also included; Windscreen, dashboard, wheel arches, mirrors, tailgate hinges and catches, headlight surrounds.

Please see below for pre-cut panel set and other upgrades. The kit comes with 1 motor and 1 battery for single rear wheel drive; which is good for 1-2 kids on flattish gardens and paths - add the 2nd motor for anything more for more power for double rear wheel drive. Kit without body panel set takes approx 70-80hrs work; with pre-cut body panels takes approx 50-60hrs work. 

Finished size approx 160cm long x 80cm wide; 100kg. Speed 5mphr. Finished vehicle has folding tailgate and seat back.

TL90 basic kit
Optional upgrades and time saving extras.

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