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Richard and Pat

Hello, do you want your youngster to drive his or her own car? One that can take you too? One that will work on grass and a little off-road? Here is an answer: the electric Land Rover model or red tractor, even a jeep All of them set to become the 21st Century's number one Children's Heirloom toy. In my day the Austin J40 pedal car was the one to have but nowadays it's the Toylander and they too will be changing hands fifty years from now.

Beginning with the Mayfair in 1987 Real Life Toys introduced the Toylander brand of toy Land Rover in 2000 and the number of half size battery powered vehicles trundling around today shows just how popular these Kid's Kit Cars are. Electric toys for children are all the rage, being quiet, clean and powerful. No complaints of noisy toys just the children squealing as they enjoy themselves. We expect most of these ride on toys will be around as long as their counterpart Land Rover, Jeep, David Brown etc. and are a good alternative to the go kart.

The newest Child's electric car in our toy garage is again made from wooden board and is a good representation of the Hotchkiss jeep. These really are the most superior model electric vehicles. Often copied never surpassed

Example of the plans

All the manuals contain easy to read workshop drawings for those who like to manufacture the toy car themselves. However, do not fear, all parts including some ready cut body panels are available from stock. For those who want a speedy build or to save time and effort there are some complete bodies, ready to prepare and paint plus bonnets and grille units available. The manuals also contain full instructions on driving, charging, servicing and maintaining this Child's toy to keep it in tip top condition for generations to come.

Superior Quality Electric Toys; children just love to drive them. Kit cars for Kids of all ages.

All designs meet or exceed Toy Safety Standards requirement and are CE marked. Vehicles are sold as children's toys and should not be used for other purposes. Replica vehicles are not four-wheel drive.