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  1. Article in Engineering in Miniature

    Engineering in Miniature have just written an article on a TL2 build by two of their readers. You can see the write up in the November 2017 issue or have a look at the attached article. EiM build article
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  2. Colours and Paint Schemes

    Colours and Paint Schemes

    We have always been able to paint the ready built models to whatever colour the customers want (just like these lovely blue and sand Toylanders) but we can now offer custom paint job and decal work. The safari TL1 that we took to Carfest this year is our first Toylander to have a new decal...
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  3. Painting

    We have many customers asking us about paints to use on their Toylanders, there are too many colours for us to stock them, so we recommend ordering your colour and paint kit from Paint Man  and Toylander Specific Paints at Paint Man
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  4. Alloy and Grit build

    Alloy and Grit magazine in America are building one of our Toylander 2 cars as part their spring issue. Good luck guys, send us plenty of pictures! You can now see Alloy & Grit magazine Toylander 1 build blog on at follow all their progress.
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  5. Carfest 2017

    We have just confirmed our place at Carfest South 2017 August 25th - 27th. We had a great time last year, showing the cars and meeting new and old customers  . Hope to see you all this year, fingers crossed for good weather again!
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  6. Vehicle Price Sheets

    You can download all our vehicle price sheets to help you plan and budget for you build. Each sheet contains all items from the various kits and any options and extras for the different vehicles. TL1 Price sheet TL2 Price sheet MB43 Price sheet Unihog price sheet DBR tractor price sheet MFR tractor price sheet Mayfair price sheet ...
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  7. Toylander 1 build

    Toylander 1 build

    Pictures of cars and some details of the build up process of a Toylander 1 put together in our workshops from our ready made body for Land Rover Monthly magazine. Article part 1    Article part 2
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