Toylander 90

Toylander 90

Toylander 90 based on the 1984 Land Rover® Ninety

Buy now ready made OR a self build kit - see below!

A pocket-size powerhouse, this kids’ Land Rover® salutes the classic styling of the 1984 model.

Originally manufactured in 1984, the Land Rover® Ninety is recreated by Toylander for today’s adventurers. Our replica children’s Land Rover® Ninety gives first-time drivers a taste of real-world motoring, with an authentic spec that includes forward/reverse modes, speed control, footbrake, handbrake, lights, folding windscreen, opening tailgate, pneumatic tyres and horn. Wheel arches, mirrors and a tow bar. The tough monocoque body has room for one adult and two children, with a safe top speed of 5mph/8kph. Vehicle size approx. 1.6m x 78cm wide x 70cm high. Seat 2-3 children depending on size.

If you like a challenging project and prefer complete control over choosing your parts, you can buy our comprehensive build manual. It has all the information you’ll need to build your Toylander from scratch, including full cutting details and dimensions for body panels. If you’d like to buy your parts from us, we stock everything you need to complete your build. 

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