Basic Kit and panel set Toylander 1

The ultimate kids’ electric car, our Toylander 1 is a miniature replica of the original 1948 Series 1 Land Rover®.

Choose our basic kit along with pre-cut body panels for an easier build project. Alongside the basic kit, you’ll receive CNC pre-cut moisture-resistant MDF body panels, reducing the construction time of your Toylander 1 to around 50-60 hours. Please see below to supplement your kit or upgrade your parts.  Kit now includes a plug and play circuit board for lights, dash switches and horn.


Kit and panel set includes manual, steel fabrication set, standard tyres, drive kit (single motor and battery), speed control kit, bodywork, additional components (circuit board, lights, electric horn, wheel caps, dash and dashboard stickers), softwood batten, screws, glue, conduit, motor vent hole grilles and CNC cut moisture resistant MDF panel set.

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Optional upgrades and time saving extras.

Full kit contains

Fabricated Parts: Steel

  • Front pivot axle with support brackets
  • Steering and stub axles
  • Steering column
  • Rear axle
  • Brake assembly complete with brake materials Right or Left hand drive *Please state if LHD required
  • Front bumper
  • Above items include all Nyloc nuts, Washers, Bolts, Screws, Brass washers, 1” washers, Spring, Split pins etc.


  • Road set wheels std tyres
  • Conversion to one wheel for drive sprocket extension and bearing


  • 1 x Electric motor and gearbox
  • Motor Mounting Plate and bolt set
  • Motor drive sprocket
  • Chain and link
  • Steering wheel Steel, three spoke Black finish


  • Speed control:12/24v including ignition key, fwd/rev switch & motor wiring. Gives genuine throttle feel and variable response.
  • Aluminium chequerplate throttle box complete ready assembled.
  • Safety Isolator switch with red removable key
  • Motor protection fuse box and spare fuse


  • Pre rolled bonnet correct shape and size. (You fit ribs, prepare and paint)
  • Front wing caps pre-bent
  • Windscreen Kit (You assemble & complete)
  • Chain guard (2 Piece)
  • Radiator grille (You cut to size and shape)
  • Ancillary parts pk: Rr bumpers, hinges Bonnet lock tailgate furniture seat stops, bonnet catches


  • Lighting set: LED Headlamps, tail lights, switches, wire, con blocks, crimps
  • Lighting and horn fuse box
  • Electric horn kit
  • Dash board moulded for centre
  • Instrument stickers
  • Wheel retaining caps. Do not fit until job complete.( Use jubilee clips as temporary fixing).


  • 1 x GEL battery 33amp Hr 12v (safe non spill)
  • Safe battery mounting set, strap and bolts for single or twin Batteries
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