Summer has come to an end, the rain is falling and the wind is blowing, and the kids still need entertaining outside of school. What can you do? Here's why we recommend building electric ride on cars this winter.

1. Unique Experience

Almost every child has fond memories of playing board games and making forts with their families on rainy days, but the experience of building a Toylander car together is a far more unique story. Building these ride on cars not only gives you and your children a fantastic way to spend rainy days indoors without sacrificing activity and entertainment but provides a story entirely of your own to share for years to come.

2. Life Lessons

The hands-on experience gives adults a chance to hone existing skills and pass them on to children, who can learn new skills like engineering and critical thinking. Seeing a project through from the start (picking the model, opening the box and reading through instructions) to the finish is a solid method for teaching important life skills.

3. Healthy Hobbies

Purchasing a Toylander to build from scratch could start a lifelong and healthy hobby. Kids could grow up to love building or designing and spend more of their spare time creating than absorbing television shows and video games, and the experience could even lead towards productive and fulfilling careers in the future.

4. Fun For All The Family

The final models are for children, but the experience is for the family. Adults can do the heavy work and supervise, encouraging the young ones who can help out and then take the finished product for a spin! You can also invite siblings and friends to join in, sharing the fun.

5. Build and Play At Home!

One of the biggest benefits for building this winter is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, with the heating on and a cup of hot chocolate nearby. Make the most of early evenings and rainy Sundays with a wholesome, imaginative family activity.

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