Our electric ride-on cars for kids to drive are a great way to get your child back outdoors again - experiencing real-life adventure with no smartphone required.

Are your children stuck at home gazing into a virtual world? With children spending an increasing amount of time inside, many parents are wondering how to reduce screen-time for their kids. Our range of toy cars for children will not only get your child breathing fresh air again, but they will also give you and your family an activity to enjoy together.

Skip the screens

With children increasingly becoming engrossed in their screens at home, parents need new ways to get them outside and engaging with the world.

An electric ride-on car is a perfect way to bring your family back together again. Eager to get them started straight away? Choose from our range of ready-to-drive electric ride-on cars, including a mini Defender Land Rover replica especially for kids, or choose one of our kits to keep the whole family busy.

Our children's electric cars have a safe top speed of 5 mph and enough space to fit an adult and two children - the perfect electric toy car for children ready to take on an adventure.

These ride-on cars for kids will get them out up and off the couch, prepare them for real-life motoring and give your family an activity they can enjoy together.

Get up and go!

Want to get your child out of the house straight away? Choose the ready-to-drive option for a fully-painted mini-vehicle in the colour of your choice. The mini Defender Land Rover replica is perfect for children who are ready to explore different terrains.

Your new electric ride-on car will arrive fully painted and ready to go. Our models are entirely faithful to the original vehicle, complete with forward and reverse gears, a horn, headlights, handbrake and a range of other features.

Your child will instantly forget about their virtual adventures and instead get ready to explore the real world with you.

Give yourself a project

Always fancied yourself as a mechanic? Want to keep your child occupied while they learn vital skills? Try ordering one of our basic kits. These come with everything you need to build your very own electric ride-on car (excluding wood and paint).

Our basic kits contain pre-cut body panels that allow you and your family to build your very own toy Land Rover in as little as 60 hours.

Take full control

If you're ready to take on a challenging project that the whole family can enjoy, purchase a comprehensive Build Manual and get ready to take full control over building your very own children's ride-on car.

Everything you need to know can be found in your manual, and the Toylander team is always here to assist. Need more tips and advice? You can also join a thriving community of Toylander enthusiasts on our online forums.

All parts are available to order online at your convenience.

Why wait?

Contact Toylander about their amazing range of electric toy cares at sales@toylander.com.