For many children, owning a toy Land Rover or other vehicle would be a dream come true. Add in the fact that you can actually sit in it and drive, and a whole world of adventure opens up! One of the most amazing things about the kids ride on cars we supply is that children aren't just end users, there's the opportunity for them to be involved in every aspect of their vehicle's design and construction. Not only does this novel approach to ride on cars result in custom vehicles designed with the individual in mind, it also means that the process of construction becomes far more than an assembly job. Take a look at the added benefits which involving your child in the design of ride on cars for kids can bring.

Cultivating the next generation of engineers!

With so many children turning to screens for entertainment, the days when they spent time in the shed or workshop, learning how to use tools in order to build what they needed, are long gone. Constructing a mini Land Rover or one of the other electric ride on cars on offer gives you a chance to correct this! Children can gain anything from basic physics knowledge through to improved motor skills just by helping you with the assembly process.

Passing on knowledge to the next generation

There's something very special about parents or grandparents spending quality time with children or grandchildren respectively. Older generations have knowledge, wisdom and patience. Children offer enthusiasm, curiosity and an enormous desire to learn. Building kids electric cars is a chance to make precious memories.

Mini Defender Land Rover - the perfect history lesson!

An absolute joy to ride and a testament to the skill and ingenuity of the Land Rover engineers back when this model was released in the 1040s, constructing the children's Land Rover together is a brilliant opportunity to bring history to life!

Whether you opt for a mini Land Rover or one of our other toy cars for kids, you can be certain that sharing the construction with your child or grandchild will have many positive benefits. Get in touch with us at Toylander for further information about our kids Land Rover or other stunning vehicles.